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Last Goodbye Prologue

It’s been five years since I fell for my best friend. Whenever I remember the things we’ve done together, I couldn’t help but to smile. He’s the only man except my father of course, that held my hands without me scolding him… the only man that put his hand around my shoulder… the only one that I let to play with my hair. The only man that even I want to, I couldn’t have a grudge on.






Revenge part 1

             My long time boy friend told me that he is interested with someone right now so he wants to break up. He said that me, Maruyama Minako , who gives him anything he wants isn’t his type at all. My tears fell, not because I sympathy myself that I was fooled by him, but because I sympathy him for fooling me. He wanted to hug me for the last time when he saw me crying, but I punched him in his stomach. He was shocked by my attitude that time. He knows me as a kind, generous and the type of person that will not be angry at all even what he will do to me. But he was wrong. I am exactly the opposite. I am just being like that for him to like me so much because I like him very much. I am always saying good things in front of him, I am saying it’s okay even though it’s not, his styles doesn’t suit my style at all, but I just ignore all those stuffs for him. I will get my revenge. I told myself. That man, Carl Asakurai, who is dating another woman behind me… will now see the true Minako.

The next day…

            I was walking in the hall way, wearing a lavender balloon skirt with ribbon at the left corner, pink polo shirt with ruffles, and a simple but elegant black high heels with a little make-up, when Carl saw me. He was shocked to see me like that since I never wore a skirt and high heels in front of him, because if I wear this kind of dress, I think it will be contrary with his not-so good styles. He looked at me while I was elegantly walking and even tried to talk to me but I completely ignored him.
            We are in the same class. When someone asked me to help him in a particular problem, I totally refused. He was again shocked by that since before, in front of him, whenever someone asks me something, I will agree without a second thought and smile. But now, I refused and walked away.  I am really like this. I was just being so kind because I want to change for him. But he is also the one that gave me reason to become like this again. I will prove him that I am not the gullible woman, who used to do everything for him. 

         "Carl... someone put this on my locker." The long haired girl told him while holding two concerto tickets. "I wonder who put this. Did you?"
         "Eh? I didn't. But if it was on your locker, then someone is giving that to you. Don't you think?" he answered, while examining the tickets.
         "Yeah. But I think that one who gave me tickets knows that I like classical music. If not, then why will he give me one?" she said explained. "ah, Carl, will you come and attend the concerto with me?"
         "Sure, Nami-chan. Anything for you." he smiled, brushing her hair.



Underground Princess

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